Wooden Raspberry Pi case

A few years ago, I decided to build a case for the Raspberry Pi out of oak wood. Since I wanted to power the Pi from a 12 V source, I included a switch mode voltage regulator. Here are some pictures of the project. 🙂

The completed case.
A buck converter to get 5 V from the 12 V source (a Dell display).
The perfboard of the voltage regulator mounted on the bottom of the case.
The box leaves enough space for the voltage regulator and the Raspberry Pi itself. The yellow/black wire is the 12 V input. The red/blue wire powers the board directly, using the GPIO header.
I needed to cut and drill holes for the connectors.
The same for the network and USB connectors.
The bottom has some holes for better ventilation. I also added some nice rubber feet. The case is only screwed to the bottom, to make it easier to remove or remount the boards inside.
Later I added some holes in the cover, too. To be honest, I don’t think, that there is much air flow, since these holes are way to small. But since the older Raspberry Pi generated not that much of heat, it worked fine.
Unfortunately, I didn’t used the system very often. Originally, I wanted to use it for my shop, but decided later to get an pre-owned small form factor PC for the job.

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