Edifier Remote Control RC10 Wrong Battery

A while ago, I got some stereo speakers named “R1280T” from Edifier. These came with a simple, three button, remote control labeled “RC10“. I always had problems using this remote, the range was poor and I needed to hold it directly in front of the left speaker to work (because that’s the one with the IR receiver). After a while, even that didn’t work anymore.

The “RC10” labeled remote.

I tested the battery’s voltage, a 3 V button cell type 2025, which was good. I then tried my smartphone camera to check if the IR emitter actually lights up, when buttons are pressed (because the camera can “see” infrared light). This worked too, but seemed kind of weak in comparison to other remote controls.

I also found the battery to sit quite lose in its slot. But not that bad. Still… maybe the battery doesn’t make a good contact? Bingo! After deliberately pressing down on the case where the button cells sits, the remote worked instantly a lot better.

I thought about putting some folded aluminium foil or something similar in the slot. But then, I simply put a 2032 instead of the supplied 2025 in. I’m not 100% positive, but it seems they shipped the wrong battery with the remote or the battery tray is too big for the cell.

The battery tray holding a 2032 button cell battery.

With the 2032 battery, it works perfectly fine now. Wish I had this idea sooner! Maybe this helps someone else, too.

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  1. Dear cf. I would just like to say that you are an absolute genius! My remote for the 1280T’s never worked at all from new. The remote contained a CR2025 button battery which measured at 3V. I just swapped it for a CR2032 and woohoo – it works perfectly! Thank you so much!

  2. Same here. I have an Edifier RC1 DE controller and never really worked. Swapped out the batter for a 2032 and now works a treat. Thanks.


  3. A revelation that the battery can be changed out, but I cannot find a way to release the current battery. The housing feels stuck somehow. There is a rubbery area where the battery release is but fingernail gymnastics does not the make the battery appear.

  4. Same here!

    Did the same for my RC10E remote and now it works way better!

    Thanks for the tipp!

  5. Dude, was about to buy my 3rd one of these and stumbled upon this. Absolutely does the trick, how annoying and you’re a savior

  6. Holy Moly this worked for me too! I had lost my old remote, which worked okay-ish. Bought a new remote from edifier and didnt work right out of the box. The battery was dead. Installed a new 2025 at 3.2V and the emitter was now working with the cell phone trick, still no working remote. Found an old 2032 in my garage and BAM! working like new! Thanks a ton!

  7. Hi! Thank you for this. I have the same Edifier remote RC10 and I had the same problem, It hadn’t occurred to me to use a 2032 battery instead of the 2025, but that worked great! Thank you!

  8. Wooow! Easy and intelligent solution! At first, I didn’t believe that it could be the reason… it’s like the manufacturer says it should be CD2025!
    My story: I Bought C6XD a few years ago. I installed it and enjoyed the sound. Really good vibes, bass, and remote control. Damn, I was happy. Used for a year or so. Then I had to pack it down coz of my work outside my country. Ok.
    Now I came back, a couple of years later. Of course, the battery in the remote must be dead now. Aight replaced it at once, and…. my 7.1 speakers work but not the remote. A really sad moment for me.
    Then I started to search the Internet for a solution. A couple of hours of searching… Nothing useful anywhere. Almost desperate and wanted to leave the remote to the service. But at the last moment, I came across this article… I thought whatever, I do not lose anything at all… only a try with CR2023. It is the same voltage and everything anyway… so I did! And, damn I was happy when the remote began to work!
    Thank you, CF for this useful tip!
    May the hard beats be with you!

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