DIY solder reel holder

There are different versions of stands/holders/dispensers for holding the reels of solder and allow yourself to conveniently unwind them, as needed. Most of them are made of metal and can handle multiple reels. I decided to build some myself using wood, plywood and small brass tubing, I already had laying around.

Solder reel holder for three different diameters (1.0 mm, 0.75 mm and 0.5 mm). The holder in the back is another one I made earlier.
The short brass tubes hold the solder wire conveniently in place. The rod, which holds the reels, isn’t glued but screwed with small screws from the backside, so it can’t move in either direction.
In this version, I planned for a big and a medium sized solder reel. Instead of wood, I used the brass tubing to form a bow and then soldered two smaller pieces on it. To make it easier, I used a file to make notches on both sides (where two pieces meet).
Like with the first one, the rod which holds the reels is removable by taking out the screws from the backside. On the bottom of all holders, I screwed little rubber feet. This way the holder can’t slide away that easily, when pulling the solder wire out.
I used danish oil as finish. Clear varnish would be another option.
The pieces are glued with wood glue and additionally fixated using wood screws from the bottom.
Both holders sitting above the heater to dry (after applying and wiping off the excess oil).
This is the first one I built. For this I used clear varnish sprayed from a can.
I’m also using a brass tube to direct the solder wire to the front. As with the other ones, there a two small screws to keep the wooden rod in place.

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