Breakout board for ATtiny2313a with ISP header

The Atmel ATtiny2313a is one of the less common micro controllers. It’s basically a ATtiny13a with more ports/pins.

Since I wanted to use this controller in one of my projects, I decided to build a simple breakout circuit with a perfboard. I could have used a breadboard, but a dedicated board with a socket, seems more robust and less error-prone to me. To make it easier to connect this board to other devices or breadboard circuits, I also put some male and female headers for each pin on the board – and some more for VCC and GND.

Perfboard layout made with DIYLC.

Before I start building and soldering circuits on perfboards, I usually like to use DIYLC to draw it first. The software is really nice and easy to use for designing simple circuits, like this one, on a perfboard.

I added a yellow LED and reset button for development purposes. The board can be powered by the micro USB port or by the VCC headers on the board. There is a 10k pull-up resistor for the reset pin and 1k resistor for the LED. Both capacitors are for stabilising and smoothing out the VCC voltage for the controller.
The 6-pin ISP header has a notch, which makes it a lot easier and faster to connect the programmer the right way.

I mounted the board on a piece of plywood.
Top view of the board. On the right side is the 6-pin ISP header for connecting a programmer.
Solder traces on the bottom.
Debug LED and reset button.
The Micro-USB connector for powering the controller. I used a micro breakout board, since it’s a lot easier to mount it on the perfboard.

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